-V- Co.’s rep.

phusionade: #seamonster – kidkid
phusionade: IFC same batch as me 1
Neth -V- Co.: who is that
phusionade: he psycho me tf2 last time
phusionade: hahahaha
Neth -V- Co.: oh lol
phusionade: world damn small la
phusionade: i told him ur nick
phusionade: see whether he see before anot
phusionade: he shocked to know that i know u 1 sia
phusionade: -_-
Neth -V- Co.: lol why leh
Neth -V- Co.: later cos bad rep
phusionade: LOL!
phusionade: no la
phusionade: he say v co damn cool 1
Neth -V- Co.: 😮