curse of the auto brake

Sedated -V- Co.: oh ya jin
Matafleur -V- Co.: medic can ownself jump in tfc lol
Sedated -V- Co.: you never turn on auto reload
Sedated -V- Co.: ??
riffraff: abo
Fei101 -V- Co.: he spamming left click
riffraff: you never turn on auto brake
riffraff: ??
Matafleur -V- Co.: LOL
Cooty -V- Co.: LOL

dah homies

chArlie marley: .
gary mary`: WDF
gary mary`: lol
sedated was kicked by chArlie marley.
sedated entered chat.
chArlie marley: YEW
gary mary`: lmao
EmissirX: LOL
ENDURANCE: kin scrim sc2
Kin: haaai my hero sedated!

tit for tat

Fei101: fany = First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
The Fany Fany Government: what the fuck
[email protected]: HAHAHA
Fei101: google 2nd site
Fei101: ;x
EmissirX: LOL
Fei101: when searching for fany
The Fany Fany Government: WTF
[email protected]: ok i shall post this
The TaeNy Government: wtf
The TaeNy Government: LOL
The Fany Fany Government: Fei-Fei: Datasets
101 object categories collected by Fei-Fei Li, Marco Andreetto, and Marc ‘Aurelio Ranzato. Each object category contains about 40 to 800 images. … – Cached – Similar


strawberry`: i found the album
No Government: dik
strawberry`: which contains
strawberry`: that song le
strawberry`: dling now
No Government: YAY
No Government: ADAGIO
sedated: send please
sedated: yay!
sedated: GARY

In a separate chat:

No Government: send him
No Government: justin bieber in disguise


strawberry`: OK

5mins later:

sedated: CCB GARY

strawberry`: BABY BABY BABY
strawberry`: LOL
peaches`: LOL
peaches`: PWNT
strawberry`: LMAO
strawberry`: i already say the song 27min
strawberry`: u see the file
strawberry`: 6mb
sedated: SCAMER
sedated: WALAU
peaches`: (y)
The Taengoo Government: BABY BABY
The Mally Government: rofl

propro WCG standard

Somewhere in GD4ever on the 28th of March 2010

10:53 PM – CapriciouS`: tomato.nubsniper :  where cappricious.? act so pro like in tournament only

10:56 PM – robot unicorn: tomato.nubsniper :   capri act pro till die
Player Chiquito Amigo! left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Manly Jesus :  spamfortress
Danightmare :  demo fuck =)~
noob :  not happy is it?

(noob is our dear emirati :>)

: 11:17 PM – robot unicorn: tomato.nubsniper :  capricious cheating..
11:17 PM – robot unicorn: tomato.nubsniper :  his grenade chase me

11:18 PM – CapriciouS`: noob :  his cheating or you too noob?
tomato.nubsniper :   you noob
robot unicorn :  says the noob

11:27 PM – CapriciouS`: tomato.nubsniper :   capricous hack the server

11:29 PM – CapriciouS`: tomato.nubsniper :  lucky capricous always get uber by his gay medic

Hypothesis: NS lowers IQ level

sedated: oh
sedated: you know why avatar not part of animated
Ma|ice o/ Co.: cos got pplz
sedated: because it uses real people
sedated: ye
sedated: i just got that.
sedated: 😀
C ͏  ͏ ty ☻/ Co. |NeWb|e|: thank you captain obvious
Ma|ice o/ Co.: .
Neth   ҉  / Co.: .
Neth   ҉  / Co.: wtf
Ma|ice o/ Co. facepalm
C ͏  ͏ ty ☻/ Co. |NeWb|e|: omg its going to be a double feature in the vco blog tonight

Revenge of the Interp

C ͏  ͏ ty ☻/ Co. |NeWb|e|: |[yilin]|                               빅뱅 ! 슈퍼주니어 ! says:
i dont get why malice rage at that convo
Ma|ice o/ Co.: bodoh go buy mw2
C ͏  ͏ ty ☻/ Co. |NeWb|e|: LOL
Neth   ҉  / Co.: LOL
sedated: LOL
Ma|ice o/ Co.: wah 1on1 chat with ur gf
Neth   ҉  / Co.: 😉
C ͏  ͏ ty ☻/ Co. |NeWb|e|: cb not 1on1 please
Ma|ice o/ Co.: 😉
C ͏  ͏ ty ☻/ Co. |NeWb|e|: fuck off you sneaky eyebrows
sedated: >;)
Ma|ice o/ Co.: that one sneaky eyebrow
Ma|ice o/ Co.: go kick
C ͏  ͏ ty ☻/ Co. |NeWb|e|: dunwant
C ͏  ͏ ty ☻/ Co. |NeWb|e|: not worth my extra 2 clicks
sedated: fku
Neth   ҉  / Co.: write a bind
oRangeoRange!~moOo. entered chat.
oRangeoRange!~moOo. has been invited to chat.
Ma|ice o/ Co.: wtf
Neth   ҉  / Co.: 😉
Ma|ice o/ Co.: go slp
sedated: >;)
C ͏  ͏ ty ☻/ Co. |NeWb|e|: she got a question to ask u
8282`: baliwan
8282`: yea
Ma|ice o/ Co.: DONT
Ma|ice o/ Co.: ASK
Ma|ice o/ Co.: ABOUT
Ma|ice o/ Co.: INTERP

8282`: wad cooty said
Neth   ҉  / Co.: WHAT IS INTERP
oRangeoRange!~moOo.: what’s interp ?
oRangeoRange!~moOo.: :
Ma|ice o/ Co.: SEE
C ͏  ͏ ty ☻/ Co. |NeWb|e|: HAHAHAHAHA
8282`: LOL
Ma|ice o/ Co.: so obvious!
oRangeoRange!~moOo.: i really dunno LOL
Ma|ice o/ Co.: try harder
Ma|ice o/ Co.: !!
C ͏  ͏ ty ☻/ Co. |NeWb|e|: HARDER
C ͏  ͏ ty ☻/ Co. |NeWb|e|: damn
Ma|ice o/ Co.: ask the rest they know
sedated: eh
sedated: why you never kick
sedated: walau
8282`: no we dont
oRangeoRange!~moOo.: but they don’t want tell me
sedated was kicked by Ma|ice o/ Co..