TF2 SG Tour first stop @ West Coast Recreation Centre

This is our 2nd outing, we were still shy except spud
The top ten players were:

  1. *auR. nic
  2. Lamer -V- Co.
  3. *auR. xfr
  4. *auR. Kw
  5. Kryzt -V- Co.
  6. Fei101 -V- Co.
  7. *auR. freeze
  8. Winter.Scaze -V- Co.
  9. Cooty -V- Co.
  10. Cockalogy -V- Co.

The winners got $50 each.

-V- Co. members proceeded to Botak Jones for dinner, and Cockalogy spent his $50 there on food.

Photos taken from Gamesync