Neth’s Birthday Celebration

V Co. and Friends met up last Saturday to celebrate the 23th birthday of our teammate Neth!

The non-soccer players met up at PS earlier to help Cock on the monumental task of choosing a farewell present for his “female friend”. As usual, everybody came late and Cooty was the earliest.
The people who came earlier to help Cock were Spud, Bearz(not the present), Nic, Neth, Cooty, Akat and Elwin.
The rag-tag bunch of us strolled around PS following Cock on his search for the perfect gift. Finally, after making us follow him for 1 hour he settled on Build-A-Bear where he had to do fun stuff like help pump the stuffing into the bear, rub a cutesy artificial heart to put inside it and choosing a name for it.
After that, we decided to go for dinner at Cafe Cartel. Whilst making the birthday boy, me, akat, bearz and elwin queue, Cock, Spud and Nic went off to choose a bag for which to put the bear in. Chaos joined us a little while later
We ate as we waited for the soccer guys to arrive. They were: Ace, Auggy, Malice, Fei, Bob, Emissirx, Kai and Ang (ace’s friend). Whilst we waited for the hungry bunch to finish their dinner the rest of us chilled outside the restaurant reminiscing and watching chaos finish his lovely prawn salad. YUM!

The night was still young when we decided to leave for Persepolis, a bar on Prinsep Street, bringing Neth’s birthday cake(Swensens) along. The beer flowed and the conversations, light, when our good friend Elwin decided to play a drinking game. It involved putting a coin on a piece of tissue paper that was on top of a glass of beer. Using a cigarette to burn a hole in the paper, the aim was not to let the coin drop into the glass. Whoever that did so would have to drink the beer along with the ciggy ashes and the funny stuff elwin put inside. It was high stakes horizontal Jenga. However the tissue paper proved really strong and elwin had to destroy his life chain-smoking a few ciggies before the coin would drop. Spud had the worst deal as he lost on the final round and had to finish the most awful bit at the end.

When this game ended Ace decided to intro us another game. I don’t know what it’s called but i shall call it the Woozy F*ck. Woozy because the game surmised on 3 words: Fuzzy Duck, Ducky Fuzz and Duzzy. Makes you woozy. And F*ck because people (like Neth!) kept saying it, revealing his ah beng roots. When we got sick of that game we played another called Bang, where we sexposed elwin’s weakness in splash damage games.

After that it was time to cut the birthday cake and sing the birthday song! The cake was a mouth-watering oreo ice cream cake. We took more pictures which you see below! It was at this period where our good friend :)>–< started behaving like he was drunk, falling into the longkang quite a few times and losing his wallet (ninja-ed inside a compartment in his bag). A few of us had to leave then, leaving Bearz, Neth, Elwin, Auggy and Ace who stayed till 2am. A certain someone puked in the toilet and Elwin had to clean up after him. HAI!

It was a wonderful event and we have to thank Bearz for organising it. Also, a big thank you for all that turned up!

Group Photo

Group Photo 3

Photos provided by Spud.

As promised, PHOTOS

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As promised, some pics of the party at kryzt’s + taopok session for -V- Co.

With 2 included never-unlight-candles!

First off, happy bday Kryzt. Your ah lian char bors never talk to bearz lor. =(

Holding his nipples and ribs "Ow it hurts lar knn who pinch my nipples!"

Neth holding on after getting smacked the second time (I think this is the second time)

Holding his nipples and ribs "Ow it hurts lar knn who pinch my nipples!"

And because I pressed the wrong button. SEE IT AGAIN IN ALL ITS GLORY!!!

Looking damn song with everyone piled on top of him

And now the photo you all waiting for, Spuddy’s “song dah” face as he gets piled on.

Kryzt’s party

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First off, happy birthday once again to Kryztallnach on his 21st!

-V- Co. wishes you a great birthday, and you damn well better display the big model we got you hor. =P

For those who didn’t make it, don’t worry, you missed a big bashing session where every -V- Co. member present SAVE CHAOSITY (Hint hint) got a few whacks on the head when we were all in the bedroom. Don’t ask about the gayness related to that statement.

Those who went include: Fei, Spud, Chaosity, Bearz, Kryzt (duh), NiftyDolphin, Fl00rfilla, Evil Genius and Jaradcel.

The food was awesome (Especially the otak) and became even more so when the duo BBQ’ing next door vacated their BBQ pit and let us roast our marshmellows on it. There are photos, but someone else has them.

Here’s another toast to -V- Co. and many years ahead!

5th Co. + late night rockband. . .

Originally posted by Spud.

The night is still young when I arrived at fei’s place. Despite being one of the earliest to reach, the party has already begun. In the room, we could see Fei, Chaosity, Ace, Fei’s friend and Fei’s niece Charmaine (if im not wrong) , rocking the PS3 already.

Some warming up before the 5th Co. rockband world tour begins, we had modified versions of some songs, the most notable of all, “My iron lung” by Radiohead. At around 10+, Cock gave us a call and asked if we wanted anything from mac, and chaos, being a bastard as he always is, ordered X 2 of whatever is being ordered by everyone. Cock came later in his sexy jogging outfit (cause he’s too nub and couldnt escape his night jogging) and brought us our midnight snack(cock paid for EVERYTHING!), THANKS COCK WE LOVE YOU!

Cooty joined in later, and we finally got our rockband squad gathered. (missing a few others but that’s all we have for the night!) Some warming up and introducing cooty to the rockband game, and we’re set to go! Spud created a female hawt babe character, followed by ace making an ugly monkey face guy, the other 2 chars are Fei’s drummer character and chao’s singer, Ultimation (ROFL)

*We started off great, passing the songs and getting quite a lot of fans, but things started to go downhill as our fresh rockers get pwned by harder songs. We even reached a point which we lost all of our fans :(

*We eventually started juggling with our roles, and cooty took over Ace as the singer, Spud as the drummer, chaos still the guitarist, and ace as the bass. As we wanted more people to participate in the game, we introduce a new role in the group, the PEDALIST! and cock gladly took the role as the pedalist in the 5th Co. rockband squad.

*After cooty took over as the singer, things went awry for him. The mic registered a high note when he sings low and vice versa, and he got damn pissed with it. To save the band from losing more fans, ace took over and performed the 5th Co. edition of Creep, and won back many of our fans with a 5star rating.

*We went on to clearing more shows, and eventually cleared enough to have enough cash for the complete make over for our rockband squad! The theme for the night: p|NkSt3R`

*Ace laughed so hard @ Ultimation that we all got complained. wth la ace! He even laughed when singing, and caused us to losing the next 2 tours.

It was already 4:15am by then, and we finally packed our stuff and left Fei’s house. A great night out and im glad i was there. thanks kids. :)

Shy boy chaos, always wanting to hide from the camera! :)

Heart to Heart with H2H PART II

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Nice night, fine weather, no rain. I arrived late but there’s still some food left for me to eat. The sushi is great, the hotdog is tender, the crabstick is sticky (coated with cheese), the fried chicken juicy. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AGAIN WILFRED! 😀

Great food comes before the great rockband duel! h2h and Vco duel commences! shox > spud, dubz > neth, cock > perpie, wilfred > chaos, (not sure about fei’s duel with elwin). Next up, a rockband 4v4 duel scrim and yes, we were massacred during the score challenge, and so vco had their sekrut rockband training @ wilfred’s house.

Other than rockband scrims, there’s also winning eleven scrim. vco sent 2 of our best winning eleven players, Fei101 and chaosity (as the rest doesn’t know how to play), and h2h sent 2 players, wilfred and perpie, along with 1 sub, elwin. Intense soccer action with everyone having their eyes glued to the TV. The soccer scrim went on to vco losing the first round (1-2) and winning the 2nd round (3-2). Wasn’t sure about the 3rd round, but it was a good scrim anyways from both teams.

Other activities include stealing hotdogs for our dear cockalogy, watching r4 vs cm1 league match, desiao-ing Wilfred’s dog, as quoted from Chaosity, “This one spud and that one cock, spud and cock”.

That’s all for now! and last of all, thanks H2H for the invitation! If not for you guys, we would have missed a great night of fun. And again, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AGAIN WILFRED! 😀

p.s. Corrections: H2H won all rounds in winning eleven, according to elwin, but its ok, lazy to change the score :)

Heart to Heart with H2H

Spud gave this title when i asked for suggestions.

We met up and went in 2 groups, me and neth first, then fei, bear, chaos. The 2nd group was to save us if the 1st group was brutally raped by H2H members. Spud the mascot pig came late.

Spud VS Shox – Are you gonna be my girl
As Spud only knows how to mumble 1 song, thus we chose it for him.

Neth VS Dubz – Enter sand man

Cockalogy VS Perpie – SABOTAGE
None of us know this song, and we bluff our way through!

Chaos VS Wilfred Crush Crush Crush

Wilfred’s mum cook good food 😀 Nice bee hoon

It was basically a night of some chatting, eating and ps3-ing.

We were massacred during the score challenge of rockband. Many of us couldn’t survive the expert difficulty

[5th] Company would like to extend their appreciation to Wilfred for inviting a few of us over. We wish you a Happy Belated Birthday

Spud the mascot lazy pig will continue the writeup when he wakes up tml.

The BBQ that ended it all

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-V- Co’s Public Face?Date: 18th April.

Time: 8pm

Place: Evil Genius’s beautiful apartment – with a cat, a fish pond, two rabbits, and 4 stories.

The deal? A BBQ dinner for us to kick back, chill out, celebrate the victories, weep over the defeats, and crack more jokes about how useless we all are at playing TF2 compared to our main scrim team (and everyone else, for that matter). And who better to share it with us than our distinguished guest, Mut from |XsT|.

Marinated sake chicken breasts, tender nuggets, juicy spaghetti with tomato and beef filling, potatoes and cheese sausages were just some of the many and wondrous foods beholden to us on the table at our arrival (And, well, after some cooking)

Unfortunately, Oldman, Vach and Akatsuki couldn’t make it at the last minute, but nonetheless we pressed on. The night grew long, as songs were sung, smokes were smoked, and banter was traded (“Eh, tonight moon veri full hor,” said Floor many times) amongst us on even the most trivial of matters, not including the hilarity that 3 hours of [Zouk] can do to E-Club servers and their rankings. And how to trick Jaradcel into getting into a cab and then having him take it all the way home w/o having him tompang Floorfilla, Evil Genius and NiftyDolphin so they can spend some quality time with Mut.

Would we do this again? In an instant. Evil’s house is the perfect place for gatherings – It’s got four stories! He’s got his own room wide enough to boast its own balcony, and the rooftop garden has plenty of space for a serious Rock Band gathering (None of this 6 men jammed into a tiny room nonsense at Fei’s place :P) Not to mention its own BBQ grill pit, and plenty of space to fire his Spud (TM) Cannon. Oh and a mahjong table. And the koi pond is wonderfully relaxing in the middle of the night with a beautiful lady beside you….

We’d also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Mut for gracing our event at such short notice and with nary much more than Jara needing to bribe her with his hopelessly chee-hong smile (And the rest of the team’s bribes to him…. Shh) Thank you. It was an absolute blast having you along for the ride!


2nd V-Co rockband concert.

Who was there (Fei, Chaosity, Neth, Cockalogy, Bear, Mata) (Spud and Ace came later)

Vocalist – Neth
Guitarist – Cockalogy
Bassist – Mata
Drums – Fei

Vocalist – Chaos
Guitarist – Fei/Neth
Bassist – Fei/Neth
Drums – Mata

Vocalist – Spud
Guitarist – Cockalogy
Bassist – Bear
Drums – Neth

Vocalist – Spud
Guitarist – Cockalogy
Bassist – Bear
Drums – Neth

Vocalist – Fei
Guitarist – Cockalogy
Bassist – Bear
Drums – Neth

Vocalist – Spud
Guitarist – Ace/Fei
Bassist – Ace/Fei
Drums – Neth

Vocalist – Spud
Guitarist – Neth
Bassist – Cockalogy
Drums – Ace

7 Videos in total.

Ace can sing! I mean it, 100 times better than spud.
Bear broadcast our rockband getai during PUG just now around 8pm
The crowd were going crazy when Ace sang ‘Creep’ by Radiohead.
Bear = -V- Co. Getai Commentator

Emissir even offered to treat spud a plate of Chicken rice if he sing properly, but our shy mascot declined the offer.

After some long hours of Rockband, we went to Geylang for dinner!

Some godlike quotes
Spud: auntie, 给我一碗 kickapoo
Cock: 炒饭加三碗白饭

We shall have another outing soon, probably on a weekend so more people can come and laugh at spud.