5th Co. + late night rockband. . .

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The night is still young when I arrived at fei’s place. Despite being one of the earliest to reach, the party has already begun. In the room, we could see Fei, Chaosity, Ace, Fei’s friend and Fei’s niece Charmaine (if im not wrong) , rocking the PS3 already.

Some warming up before the 5th Co. rockband world tour begins, we had modified versions of some songs, the most notable of all, “My iron lung” by Radiohead. At around 10+, Cock gave us a call and asked if we wanted anything from mac, and chaos, being a bastard as he always is, ordered X 2 of whatever is being ordered by everyone. Cock came later in his sexy jogging outfit (cause he’s too nub and couldnt escape his night jogging) and brought us our midnight snack(cock paid for EVERYTHING!), THANKS COCK WE LOVE YOU!

Cooty joined in later, and we finally got our rockband squad gathered. (missing a few others but that’s all we have for the night!) Some warming up and introducing cooty to the rockband game, and we’re set to go! Spud created a female hawt babe character, followed by ace making an ugly monkey face guy, the other 2 chars are Fei’s drummer character and chao’s singer, Ultimation (ROFL)

*We started off great, passing the songs and getting quite a lot of fans, but things started to go downhill as our fresh rockers get pwned by harder songs. We even reached a point which we lost all of our fans :(

*We eventually started juggling with our roles, and cooty took over Ace as the singer, Spud as the drummer, chaos still the guitarist, and ace as the bass. As we wanted more people to participate in the game, we introduce a new role in the group, the PEDALIST! and cock gladly took the role as the pedalist in the 5th Co. rockband squad.

*After cooty took over as the singer, things went awry for him. The mic registered a high note when he sings low and vice versa, and he got damn pissed with it. To save the band from losing more fans, ace took over and performed the 5th Co. edition of Creep, and won back many of our fans with a 5star rating.

*We went on to clearing more shows, and eventually cleared enough to have enough cash for the complete make over for our rockband squad! The theme for the night: p|NkSt3R`

*Ace laughed so hard @ Ultimation that we all got complained. wth la ace! He even laughed when singing, and caused us to losing the next 2 tours.

It was already 4:15am by then, and we finally packed our stuff and left Fei’s house. A great night out and im glad i was there. thanks kids. :)

Shy boy chaos, always wanting to hide from the camera! :)

Heart to Heart with H2H

Spud gave this title when i asked for suggestions.

We met up and went in 2 groups, me and neth first, then fei, bear, chaos. The 2nd group was to save us if the 1st group was brutally raped by H2H members. Spud the mascot pig came late.

Spud VS Shox – Are you gonna be my girl
As Spud only knows how to mumble 1 song, thus we chose it for him.

Neth VS Dubz – Enter sand man

Cockalogy VS Perpie – SABOTAGE
None of us know this song, and we bluff our way through!

Chaos VS Wilfred Crush Crush Crush

Wilfred’s mum cook good food 😀 Nice bee hoon

It was basically a night of some chatting, eating and ps3-ing.

We were massacred during the score challenge of rockband. Many of us couldn’t survive the expert difficulty

[5th] Company would like to extend their appreciation to Wilfred for inviting a few of us over. We wish you a Happy Belated Birthday

Spud the mascot lazy pig will continue the writeup when he wakes up tml.

2nd V-Co rockband concert.

Who was there (Fei, Chaosity, Neth, Cockalogy, Bear, Mata) (Spud and Ace came later)

Vocalist – Neth
Guitarist – Cockalogy
Bassist – Mata
Drums – Fei

Vocalist – Chaos
Guitarist – Fei/Neth
Bassist – Fei/Neth
Drums – Mata

Vocalist – Spud
Guitarist – Cockalogy
Bassist – Bear
Drums – Neth

Vocalist – Spud
Guitarist – Cockalogy
Bassist – Bear
Drums – Neth

Vocalist – Fei
Guitarist – Cockalogy
Bassist – Bear
Drums – Neth

Vocalist – Spud
Guitarist – Ace/Fei
Bassist – Ace/Fei
Drums – Neth

Vocalist – Spud
Guitarist – Neth
Bassist – Cockalogy
Drums – Ace

7 Videos in total.

Ace can sing! I mean it, 100 times better than spud.
Bear broadcast our rockband getai during PUG just now around 8pm
The crowd were going crazy when Ace sang ‘Creep’ by Radiohead.
Bear = -V- Co. Getai Commentator

Emissir even offered to treat spud a plate of Chicken rice if he sing properly, but our shy mascot declined the offer.

After some long hours of Rockband, we went to Geylang for dinner!

Some godlike quotes
Spud: auntie, 给我一碗 kickapoo
Cock: 炒饭加三碗白饭

We shall have another outing soon, probably on a weekend so more people can come and laugh at spud.