Kryzt’s party

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First off, happy birthday once again to Kryztallnach on his 21st!

-V- Co. wishes you a great birthday, and you damn well better display the big model we got you hor. =P

For those who didn’t make it, don’t worry, you missed a big bashing session where every -V- Co. member present SAVE CHAOSITY (Hint hint) got a few whacks on the head when we were all in the bedroom. Don’t ask about the gayness related to that statement.

Those who went include: Fei, Spud, Chaosity, Bearz, Kryzt (duh), NiftyDolphin, Fl00rfilla, Evil Genius and Jaradcel.

The food was awesome (Especially the otak) and became even more so when the duo BBQ’ing next door vacated their BBQ pit and let us roast our marshmellows on it. There are photos, but someone else has them.

Here’s another toast to -V- Co. and many years ahead!

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