02:06 – matafleur ♥ nogamenotalk.com: Cock () 56 $701,234,424
02:06 – Whr did all the good Players go: ok
02:06 – Whr did all the good Players go: im going to sleep and dream about my 56b
Whr did all the good Players go disconnected.
02:07 – matafleur ♥ nogamenotalk.com: 56b?
02:07 – [email protected]: 56b?
02:07 – ExoWraith -V- Co.: ??
02:07 – ExoWraith -V- Co.: 56b?
02:07 – [email protected]: he says the most random things lol
02:07 – matafleur ♥ nogamenotalk.com: i think he thought his level is his net worth
02:07 – The TaeNy Government: 56b?
02:07 – matafleur ♥ nogamenotalk.com: lol
02:07 – The TaeNy Government: LOL
02:07 – ExoWraith -V- Co.: lol
02:07 – The TaeNy Government: HAHAHAHAHA


^2Green ^1Terror: all the middle-age to old ppl
^2Green ^1Terror: jaywalk across
dancing danser: this is the sad state of singapore education now haiz
^2Green ^1Terror: as i drive
^2Green ^1Terror: i buay song horn them
dancing danser: ppl only want to go places with “connections”
^6V^7ivi: lol
^2Green ^1Terror: then the instructor tell me dont horn
dancing danser: and want to get good “grades”
^2Green ^1Terror: cb
^6V^7ivi: L plate you horn them?
^6V^7ivi: LOL!
^2Green ^1Terror: LOL
^2Green ^1Terror: JAYWALK CB
dancing cat: LOL
dancing taeyeon ッ: LOL
dancing danser: LOL
dancing taeyeon ッ: cb
dancing danser: L PLATE YOU HORN PPL

GameSync TF2 League Week 3 – [r4] & Week 4 – [FGi]

Week 3’s match against [r4], we won with a 6 – 3. [r4]’s league does not seem to be going very well.

The match played against [FGi] on Sunday afternoon, we won against them in 2Fort. Lamer managed to ninja a teleporter in [FGi]’s base and went unnoticed for most of the match. [FGi] lost momentum shuffling back and forth from attacking and our ninja attacks.

Thanks Jaradcel for reference. XD

Here are the current league standings. Next week we will be playing against |S’un| followed by [Nods].

Neth Revealed! Updated!

Ace -V- Co.: Beach outing?
Neth -V- Co.: moi ish liek ultimate frisbee
Cooty -V- Co.: LOL
Cockalogy -V- Co.: i iish shy
Neth -V- Co.: moi ish got exams
Cooty -V- Co.: beach outing
Neth -V- Co.: moi figure no there liaoz
Cooty -V- Co.: cock will reflect all the light i wouldnt be able to see you
Ace -V- Co.: i ishh lieek volleyballz with cuttee xmm *^__^*
Neth -V- Co.: xmm no good
Neth -V- Co.: i prefer jiejie
Neth -V- Co.: with big neh neh
ExoWraith -V- Co.: all of chiu ish gettings hornies
Ace -V- Co.: EW MILF
Neth -V- Co.: boink boink
Cockalogy -V- Co.: LOL
Cockalogy -V- Co.: MILF SIA
Cockalogy -V- Co.: piak piak
Ace -V- Co.: Neth reveals his fetish!
Neth -V- Co.: moi ish notch want milf
Cockalogy -V- Co.: exo copy paste this pls
Cooty -V- Co.: piak piak omg
Cockalogy -V- Co.: update blog
ExoWraith -V- Co.: neth ish rikes big nehnehs
Neth -V- Co.: unless milf is wong lingling
Cooty -V- Co.: hahahaha
Ace -V- Co.: MILF is yuck!
Cockalogy -V- Co.: eh ace
Cockalogy -V- Co.: i thought last week
Cockalogy -V- Co.: theres a photograph
Ace -V- Co.: yeah?
Cockalogy -V- Co.: of that mum and daughter 1
Cockalogy -V- Co.: LOL
Neth -V- Co.: wong ling ling ish h0t wor
Ace -V- Co.: huh?
Ace -V- Co.: ohh
Cockalogy -V- Co.: the 1 in stomp
Cockalogy -V- Co.: LOl
Neth -V- Co.: yuckx
Ace -V- Co.: lol!
Ace -V- Co.: That’s pretty yuck
Neth -V- Co.: moi dunch liek
Cockalogy -V- Co.: u said incest man
Cockalogy -V- Co.: LOL
Ace -V- Co.: But I’d hit the daughter

GameSync TF2 League Week 2 – [Cm1]

Most of the matches are over for Week 2 except for H2H<3 vs Invicta. There were not as many draws as last week.

We got a 4-0 win against [Cm1]. Our lineup consisted of Cockalogy, Ace, Neth, Cooty, Fei and Akatsuki.

Congrats on the win and now we are kinda on the top of the board that is until H2H<3 plays against Invicta.

We will be up against [r4] next week!


GameSync TF2 League Week 1 – *auR

It’s the first week of the league and we were up against *auR and our guys, Cockalogy, Ace, Cooty, Neth, Fei101 and Spud. We put up a good fight against them and managed a draw. Kudos to both sides. I bet the pressure was quite high.

*auR 6 – 6 -V- Co.

Anyone got a write up? I suck at this! D: Our next match up will be against [Cm1].

Current League Standings Week 1 (18 Apr – 20 Apr 2008) Courtesy of Neth, Resident Bookie. XD


Spud’s Critical Stickies

ExoWraith -V- Co.: you tf2 and pcc right?
l2sleep: LOL
l2sleep: no
l2sleep: wow
l2sleep: that one sticky man
ExoWraith -V- Co.: lol!
l2sleep: really stickybombs
l2sleep: LOL
ExoWraith -V- Co.: oh shit sticky!
Cooty -V- Co.: spud’s stickies can shoot damn far
ExoWraith -V- Co.: which stickies?
l2sleep: LOL
l2sleep: <3
Cooty -V- Co.: depends
Fei101 -V- Co.: got cri anot?
ExoWraith -V- Co.: wow!
ExoWraith -V- Co.: this kind of questions
ExoWraith -V- Co.: LOL
Fei101 -V- Co.: owned
l2sleep: LOL
l2sleep: got crit
l2sleep: HAHAH
Cooty -V- Co.: but more sticky

l2sleep is Spud
Must Post here! Picture for added win!