^2Green ^1Terror: all the middle-age to old ppl
^2Green ^1Terror: jaywalk across
dancing danser: this is the sad state of singapore education now haiz
^2Green ^1Terror: as i drive
^2Green ^1Terror: i buay song horn them
dancing danser: ppl only want to go places with “connections”
^6V^7ivi: lol
^2Green ^1Terror: then the instructor tell me dont horn
dancing danser: and want to get good “grades”
^2Green ^1Terror: cb
^6V^7ivi: L plate you horn them?
^6V^7ivi: LOL!
^2Green ^1Terror: LOL
^2Green ^1Terror: JAYWALK CB
dancing cat: LOL
dancing taeyeon ッ: LOL
dancing danser: LOL
dancing taeyeon ッ: cb
dancing danser: L PLATE YOU HORN PPL

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