How our dear guest, Mou5e, self-pwnt

Originally posted by Spud.

Spud: mouse is biatch
[らき☆すた] Misao: lol
Spud: go to sleep mouse
Spud: LOL
[らき☆すた] Misao: i want to eat peanuts
Ace -V- Co.: lul kickapoo
Cooty -V- Co.: mouse the cat coming
[らき☆すた] Misao: ace treat can?
Spud: ace treat kickapoo
Ace -V- Co.: NO.
Spud: and chao fan
Ace -V- Co.: I am poor man
[r4] Mou5e: wtf spud. i must have a micro-penis to keep calling pple a biatch


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