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*completely ignoring Vach’s post*

(But the only person I’m going after is JXXN damn you…. Don’t make me sound like I chionging half your company!)


If it’s possible, I’m wondering what everyone else of our 5 billion members feel about the clan. It really started out as a community, but somehow grew into a clan (With limitless substitutions available on notice)

To me, the clan’s great. We’ve got great trainers, great leaders, great players, kooky players (Including, I’ll admit, me) and I love the interaction we have online.

What do you think?

What’s in a name?

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As my first post here, here’s a little anecdote about how I joined -V- Co.

Back in the first few weeks of TF2, there weren’t many clans running around. The one that I saw the most at the time happened to be F1 (A Pino clan) as well as the beginnins of V Co. It helped then that at the time I was already actively gaming with some of them on a daily basis – Oldman, Spud, Cooty and Neth come to mind.

I quickly found my niche in the scout, having come from a Unreal background where double jumping and fast-paced insta-reflexes were the norm over sniper headshots or the careful spamming of rockets or pipe, or the idea that healing could be done on the run.

Through the… wow, what is it Four months now? I’ve gained tons more friends through the game – Floorfilla, Bearz, Cocky, Fei, Whitey, Chaosity, Exo, Evil and that’s just naming people from the clan of 5 million members, -V- Co.

For that, I’m thankful and grateful.

Here’s to many more months ahead of good fragging, awesome commentating, good eating, spud’s trannie tendencies, cock + fei gayness and more chee honging.


Orange Box Launch Party

Orange Box Launch Party

It was our 1st outing and everyone was shy except spud of course
Player ranking

  1. Boyce In Your Ass -V- Co.
  2. Fei101 -V- Co.
  3. rwabbit-hunter


  • Pipebomb: Rizz
  • Sticky Bomb: Rizz
  • Bottle: [SGHL] KrX |NS|


  • Sentry Gun: deadpris
  • Shotgun: Lamer -V- Co.
  • Pistol: [SGHL] KrX |NS|
  • Wrench: deadpris


  • Minigun: [SGHL] Hitsugaya |DoD|
  • Shotgun: [SGHL] Hitsugaya |DoD|


  • Syringe Gun: Fei101 -V- Co.
  • Bone Saw: Fei101 -V- Co.


  • Flamethrower: [SGHL]+Eskimo+|Sr|
  • Shotgun: LeviathanX -V- Co.
  • Fireaxe: LeviathanX -V- Co.


  • Scattergun: [SGHL] Sgt Bala |NS|
  • Pistol: [SGHL] Cpt.Yoshikuni |DOD|
  • Bat: [SGHL] Sgt Bala |NS|


  • Sniper Rifle: [SGHL] RaTsYc|- |TFC|
  • SMG: [SGHL] RaTsYc|- |TFC|
  • Bush Knife: [SGHL] Savior |NS|


  • RPG: Cockalogy -V- Co.
  • Shotgun: Cockalogy -V- Co.
  • Shovel: Cockalogy -V- Co.


  • Knife: Spud -V- Co.
  • Revolver: Spud -V- Co.

Good outing people!

Photos taken from Gamesync