Maths Failure

learn2fly: got r4, cm1, auR, v co, h2h, aww, inv, fgi, s’un, tmg, eXc, nods, vice
learn2fly: 13 teams sia
learn2fly: need 1 more to make it for a better league play
Spud -V- Co.: LOL
Spud -V- Co.: 12 teams only what
Spud -V- Co.: LOL
Cockalogy -V- Co.: 13
learn2fly: how u count 12
Cockalogy -V- Co.: noob shit
Spud -V- Co.: 12
Cockalogy -V- Co.: spud
Cockalogy -V- Co.: u fking fail at math

H2H vs. -V- Co.

H2H lineup







-V- Co. lineup



Akat (replaced by Spud halfway through dustbowl)





Played 2 maps. h2h picked dustbowl. 5th Co. chose Granary after pollingĀ 30 billion members.

Dustbowl: Both teams went into a nail-biting stopwatch round after tieing at 6-6 each after 2 rounds. H2H went into a blitzkrieg on their last round and won the game with an impossible amount of time left. 5th Co. simply could not catch up, and lost the map. (can’t remember the stopwatch timings, my bad =X)

Victory H2H!

Granary: Both teams started off jerkily, trying to test each other’s competency in the map. Crusades were held and martyrs were made upon the holy ground of Middle Cap. The teams fought tooth and nail for every inch of the map, and the CPs were coveted like blood diamonds. However, 5th Co. managed to draw from previous lessons on the map, and held together for a 4-2 win.

Victory -V- Co.!

Result: 1-1. Kudos to H2H for their toughness and uber close knit teamwork! We have much to learn from you guys

True conversation

Originally posted by jaradcel.

Dopp: Eh Jara, Mut your sister ah?

Jaradcel: *Stunned* WTF? No?

Dopp: Orh… no larh…. ok haha…

Jaradcel: Huh why you say that?

Dopp: I want to chase mut lar….

Jaradcel: …. orh. ok. She’s pretty. Go for it I support.

-V- Co. New Ad

Like Nothing On Earth

We start with the best people we can find.
We switch them on
And put them under pressure and heat
Day after day, after day.

We give them the power to look over the horizon
We teach them to think at the speed of light
And respond like the wind.
We give them the strength to touch the sky
And leap 50 000 feet into the air

Because a new world, needs a new kind of force
A Force that can response
Like nothing on earth