Spud the Jinx

Originally posted by Akatsuki.

EUPHORIC -V- Co.:Raymond. said:
[ Sim – Cockalogy] says:
bon voyage ur lj
[ Sim – Cockalogy] says:
u make so many ppl lose money
Raymond. says:
Raymond. says:
not my fault wtf
Raymond. says:
italy want to screw themselves up

Raymond. says:
also not my fault lo
EUPHORIC -V- Co.: Raymond. says:
even if i never buy, also sure screw up one seeing how they play yesterday
Koten Zanshun: LOL he toking rubbish LOL..
Koten Zanshun: ask him explain saudi den LOL..

Koten Zanshun: tonite the ultimate test if he bet spain den spain lose LOL le..
Raymond. says:
Raymond. says:
saudi that one yea
EUPHORIC -V- Co.: Raymond. says:
could be me suey the bet
Raymond. says:
Raymond. says:
but italy one is not my fault lo
EUPHORIC -V- Co.: Raymond. says:
holland play so aggressive
EUPHORIC -V- Co.: Raymond. says:
die liao man
Raymond. says:
if spain tonight lose
Raymond. says:
they will come kill me
Koten Zanshun: LOl..
EUPHORIC -V- Co.: can u like
EUPHORIC -V- Co.: post in vco website
EUPHORIC -V- Co.: of what spud did

Guys so we know Spud will bet spain tonite..everyone BET RUSSIA MAN ITS A SURE WIN LOL..unless spud change his bet..

Neth Revealed! Updated!

Ace -V- Co.: Beach outing?
Neth -V- Co.: moi ish liek ultimate frisbee
Cooty -V- Co.: LOL
Cockalogy -V- Co.: i iish shy
Neth -V- Co.: moi ish got exams
Cooty -V- Co.: beach outing
Neth -V- Co.: moi figure no there liaoz
Cooty -V- Co.: cock will reflect all the light i wouldnt be able to see you
Ace -V- Co.: i ishh lieek volleyballz with cuttee xmm *^__^*
Neth -V- Co.: xmm no good
Neth -V- Co.: i prefer jiejie
Neth -V- Co.: with big neh neh
ExoWraith -V- Co.: all of chiu ish gettings hornies
Ace -V- Co.: EW MILF
Neth -V- Co.: boink boink
Cockalogy -V- Co.: LOL
Cockalogy -V- Co.: MILF SIA
Cockalogy -V- Co.: piak piak
Ace -V- Co.: Neth reveals his fetish!
Neth -V- Co.: moi ish notch want milf
Cockalogy -V- Co.: exo copy paste this pls
Cooty -V- Co.: piak piak omg
Cockalogy -V- Co.: update blog
ExoWraith -V- Co.: neth ish rikes big nehnehs
Neth -V- Co.: unless milf is wong lingling
Cooty -V- Co.: hahahaha
Ace -V- Co.: MILF is yuck!
Cockalogy -V- Co.: eh ace
Cockalogy -V- Co.: i thought last week
Cockalogy -V- Co.: theres a photograph
Ace -V- Co.: yeah?
Cockalogy -V- Co.: of that mum and daughter 1
Cockalogy -V- Co.: LOL
Neth -V- Co.: wong ling ling ish h0t wor
Ace -V- Co.: huh?
Ace -V- Co.: ohh
Cockalogy -V- Co.: the 1 in stomp
Cockalogy -V- Co.: LOl
Neth -V- Co.: yuckx
Ace -V- Co.: lol!
Ace -V- Co.: That’s pretty yuck
Neth -V- Co.: moi dunch liek
Cockalogy -V- Co.: u said incest man
Cockalogy -V- Co.: LOL
Ace -V- Co.: But I’d hit the daughter

How our dear guest, Mou5e, self-pwnt

Originally posted by Spud.

Spud: mouse is biatch
[らき☆すた] Misao: lol
Spud: go to sleep mouse
Spud: LOL
[らき☆すた] Misao: i want to eat peanuts
Ace -V- Co.: lul kickapoo
Cooty -V- Co.: mouse the cat coming
[らき☆すた] Misao: ace treat can?
Spud: ace treat kickapoo
Ace -V- Co.: NO.
Spud: and chao fan
Ace -V- Co.: I am poor man
[r4] Mou5e: wtf spud. i must have a micro-penis to keep calling pple a biatch


How to take buff?

shoot 3: ok
shoot 3: so tml
shoot 3: what time
shoot 3: to meet
Neth -V- Co.: 1am
Neth -V- Co.: pm i mean
shoot 3: ok
shoot 3: sian
shoot 3: i dunno how to take buff there
shoot 3: lOl
Neth -V- Co.: what buff?
shoot 3: bus
shoot 3: rofl
Neth -V- Co.: OMG LA
Neth -V- Co.: BUFF
shoot 3: type wrongly la
shoot 3: LOl
Neth -V- Co.: TAKE BUFF

Spud’s Critical Stickies

ExoWraith -V- Co.: you tf2 and pcc right?
l2sleep: LOL
l2sleep: no
l2sleep: wow
l2sleep: that one sticky man
ExoWraith -V- Co.: lol!
l2sleep: really stickybombs
l2sleep: LOL
ExoWraith -V- Co.: oh shit sticky!
Cooty -V- Co.: spud’s stickies can shoot damn far
ExoWraith -V- Co.: which stickies?
l2sleep: LOL
l2sleep: <3
Cooty -V- Co.: depends
Fei101 -V- Co.: got cri anot?
ExoWraith -V- Co.: wow!
ExoWraith -V- Co.: this kind of questions
ExoWraith -V- Co.: LOL
Fei101 -V- Co.: owned
l2sleep: LOL
l2sleep: got crit
l2sleep: HAHAH
Cooty -V- Co.: but more sticky

l2sleep is Spud
Must Post here! Picture for added win!



 Excerpt from steam chat. 3.20am 14th April 08

;|: we can play a game
Neth -V- Co.: u
;|: we must form an object with 2 words
;|: then we must use the word behind
;|: to form another 2 words
;|: cock steam
;|: steam potato
;|: potato dick
;|: dick head
;|: head ache
;|: ache whatever
Cockalogy -V- Co.: whatever la
;|: want to pway?
;|: 😀
;|: LOL
Cockalogy -V- Co.: fater
Cockalogy -V- Co.: continue
Cockalogy -V- Co.: LOL
Neth -V- Co.: la kopi
;|: kopi O
Cockalogy -V- Co.: O RLY
Neth -V- Co.: really what
;|: what sia
Neth -V- Co.: fuck bo liao
Neth -V- Co.: lol
Cockalogy -V- Co.: SIA LA!
Fei101 -V- Co.: sia la

;|; = spud

Maths Failure

learn2fly: got r4, cm1, auR, v co, h2h, aww, inv, fgi, s’un, tmg, eXc, nods, vice
learn2fly: 13 teams sia
learn2fly: need 1 more to make it for a better league play
Spud -V- Co.: LOL
Spud -V- Co.: 12 teams only what
Spud -V- Co.: LOL
Cockalogy -V- Co.: 13
learn2fly: how u count 12
Cockalogy -V- Co.: noob shit
Spud -V- Co.: 12
Cockalogy -V- Co.: spud
Cockalogy -V- Co.: u fking fail at math